Primary vs Secondary Reinforcement


Primary vs Secondary Reinforcement:

Primary vs Secondary Reinforcement:

 Primary reinforcement directly influences primary motivational drives. It is related to the primary needs of people. The employees are reinforced to learn by adopting primary functions or basic needs. 

Children learnt languages and mathematics through primary reinforcement. 

For example, they are told that A is. Apple, B is Banana because they are used to the words apple and banana.

Therefore, the first letter of these fruits will help them understand the letters. The example of fruits is the primary reinforcement. 

  • Primary reinforcement is mainly observed in classical learning wherein the artificial reinforcement is accompanied with the natural or primary reinforcement to make a long-lasting impact of artificial reinforcement.
  • The secondary reinforcement is closely related to the operant learning, wherein the rewards are taken as the drives and motives for learning.
  • Secondary reinforcements are artificial and new in their characters. They are first introduced to the learner for adoption in their learning process.Technical education first introduces the machine and its components before detailing its operation. 

  • Secondary reinforcements have become significant for understanding complex human behaviour. This reinforcement is used for motivation and modifying behaviour.